Indonesia: Moving Forward

USINDO Forum. Washington DC., December 7, 2011.

IMG02500-20111207-1320USINDO’s President, David Merrill

Your excellencies Mr. and Mrs. Dino Djalal

Professor Paul Wolfowitz,

Honorable guests

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Let me begin by expressing my sincere appreciation to USINDO for making possible such a wonderful gathering of people. It is a great honor to be with you to discuss the future and the promise of Indonesia.

I know that many of you who are here today love Indonesia deeply. The US-Indonesia relationship is strong and warm because it has been cultivated and promoted by friends like you. Selengkapnya…

A Stronger ASEAN in An Advancing Free World

100127_aburizal-bakrie-di-singapura_300_225Welcoming Speech Chairman of the 8th Asean Leadership Forum. Jakarta, 8 Mei 2011.

HE Vice President Beodiono

HE Prime Minister Dato Sri Mohamad Nadjib

Senior Minister Cham Prasidh

Ministers, Chairman of Kadin, distinguished guests

Ladies and Gentlemen

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

May peace be upon all of us

I would like to use this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation and grateful to His Exellency Bapak Boediono, His Excellency Dato Sri Mohamad Nadjib and Honorable Senior Minister  Champ Pradish (who is representing the Prime Minister of Cambodia) for participating and agreeing to address this Forum.

I am proud that the Asean Leadership Forum is held in Jakarta for the 2nd time. I am also honored to be given this opportunity to be the Chairman of the Forum, which is organised by ASLI and co-organised by the Asean Secretariat and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce or KADIN. Selengkapnya…

The World in Indonesia, Indonesia in The World


Public Lecture Singapore, 18 November 2010

Provost Professor Bertil Andersson, Dean Barry Desker
Excellencies Distinguished Guests Ladies and Gentlemen

Good afternoon. It is a great honour to be here in Singapore to deliver a public lecture to such a distinguished audience. Singapore is so much of a second home to me that I do not really feel like a foreigner here. The problem in Singapore is never in arriving: It is in leaving. Selengkapnya…

Adopting the Grameen Bank Concept, Bakrie Micro Finance is Launched in Karawang

101473_aburizal-bakrie-di-bmfI have written about public empowerment through micro-credit programs several times on this blog. This time I am going to write about one micro-credit institution created by the Bakrie Group of Companies, namely PT Bakrie Micro Finance Indonesia (BMF). This body was launched on Wednesday, December 15, 2010, in Kalangsari Village, Karawang, West Java.

I presided over the launching event of this body, which was attended by three generations of the Bakrie family. Bakrie Microfinance is not a new business unit, but a humanitarian program established by the Bakrie Group of Companies. BMF will provide credit without collateral for the poor or indigent. This credit will be used by the less fortunate in order to build businesses which are hoped will be able to improve their level of prosperity and standard of living. Selengkapnya…

Aspiration Collection Tour in Ramadan

Safari Lombok Barat_0013

The fasting month of Ramadan is a good month, and the right time to knit the ties of brotherhood. Because this is a month full of blessings, I again carried out the traditional Ramadan “safari” tour. The difference this time around is that before I made this tour as a cabinet minister, and this year I am doing it as the leader of a political party, as Chairman of the Golkar Party.

The stops on this year’s Ramadan tour began with a fast breaking event at the office of the Golkar Central Leadership Board, on Thursday, 12 August, which fell on the second day of Ramadan. This event was attended by Golkar party officials and cadres. Also attending was Bapak Jusuf Kalla, a former Golkar party chairman, and Head of the Constitutional Court (MK) Mahfud MD. Selengkapnya…

The Nobel Prize Was Ever Rejected Too

AI2010080402In 2001, I ever met Mr. Rizal Mallarangeng, who had just returned from his studies in America. We chatted at home. At that time I had just recovered from bankruptcy as a result of the crisis in 1998. Only in 2001 were we able to move forward.

At that time, with my undergraduate degree, did not have a lot of knowledge. I said to Rizal, “I challenge you to set up an institution, one which is filled with smart people. I’m not that bright. Bright people should be coming up with useful ideas for this nation”. Selengkapnya…

Provincial Travels, by Land or Air Chopper

Ical di Makassar_2010061722Recently I have been traveling a lot to the provinces. In any particular week my schedule can fill up with trips around Indonesia, whether to attend election campaigns for Regional Heads, or for other events. With such a full agenda in so many places, I often have to race against time.

For instance, on Thursday last week (17/6), I was flying to Sulawesi to attend the election campaign of two candidates for Regent and Vice Regent of Barru, running mates Andi Idris Syukur and Andi Anwar Aksa. The Regency of Barru is located 120 kilometers east of the City of Makassar.

When I arrived at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar, South Sulawesi, I did not want to waste any time. I had to quickly head for my destination, because tens of thousands of people who were attending the campaign were waiting for me. Selengkapnya…

Village Funds and Political Insinuations

Ical-FoxIndonesia_017Of late the Golkar Party has been under attack in connection with the concept of village development. Golkar’s motion that funds be provided for village development has been misunderstood, as if Golkar wants to line the pockets of House members with Village Funds and Aspiration Funds. Through this blog, I will explain what Golkar’s concept really is, so that the confusion does not go on.

Actually, the Golkar Party wants to offer a development concept which begins from the provinces. More specifically, it is to begin from the villages, because village development has still not gone well, and still needs attention. It needs to be pointed out that most Indonesians live in villages.

For Golkar, the interests of the people has the highest priority. For this reason, Golkar’s motto is “The Voice of Golkar, (is) The Voice of the People”.  This party will always place the public interest above everything else. We are not going to become a party which only cares about the public just before an election. This concern will be done continuously. Selengkapnya…